They go around the world van and spend only $ 8 per day


I invite you today to discover some pictures of a round the incredible world. Five continents and fifty countries and more than 150 000 kilometers in a van bought only 600 dollars, a young couple of Polish bloggers explained how, with only 8 dollars a day, they get to see the world and live simply.

About $ 8 / day, the couple explains:

« Many of you are wondering how we can travel for only $ 8 / day. Some things. The main cost is the fuel. This is why other people traveling with us and share with us the fuel costs. We travel slowly, and we often stay several days in the same places. Some people contact and we sometimes ask us pictures of our locations visited, kinds of postcards. In exchange, they send us some money . Not much, but what we pay a few liters of fuel.

We do not pay for accommodation; we sleep most of the time in the van or in tents – on the beaches, mountains, cliffs. Sometimes local invite us to their homes for the night. We buy the cheapest food and we cook it directly. No restaurants, of course. F or example, in Australia, we ate kangaroo steaks because it was the cheapest meat.

When the van breaks down – we repair. We learned on the job. And when we need help, or pieces, most people tend our hands free. A way for them to be part of the adventure in some way. We have our own electric shower and de150l tank on the roof. Sometimes we will wash ourselves in rivers or lakes.

To cross the sea between the continents, we transport van on the boat. That is why we sometimes have some sponsors. For example, to cross the ocean from Australia to the United States, we were paid in exchange for advertising on the van. Today we are working as bloggers and that’s how we earn money. W iththis we can still be on the road because we do need is a laptop and an Internet connection to work. We also published two books on our travels who reported us some money . « and Karol Wojciech Lewandowski.


  • Here are some pictures of this incredible world tour:

    © Wojciech Lewandowski
  • We wanted to travel but we did not have much money, so we bought an old van for $ 600

  • We took tent, some food, and we took off six years ago

  • In 6 years, we have visited more than 50 countries on 5 continents and we drove more than 150,000 kilometers

  • We have seen the most beautiful places in the world …

  • Enjoy your meal !

  • Here in Monument Valley, USA

  • And some photos of Iceland …

  • We here in Norway

  • In Italy …

  • In the Sahara …

  • We celebrate Christmas in our van

  • We never pay for housing. We sleep in a tent on beaches, cliffs or in the mountains

  • We buy the cheapest food, and we cook it directly

  • When the van breaks down – we repair. We learned on the job

  • Sometimes we will wash ourselves in rivers or lakes. Here a hot spring in Iceland

  • Because we sleep in nature, we always meet a lot of wild animals

  • There are a few days, we got engaged in the Sahara desert

  • … And we’re still on the road!


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