Earthly angels: what are their characteristics?


earthly angels

Who are they? These are embodied beings that bring angels,  famous indigo and crystal children that we often hear about are derived from terrestrial angels.

Maybe you are one or you know in your surroundings because they are people like you and me with flaws and qualities that have a life quite normal, undergoing tests, doubters and go through questioned.

They still one feature, they have a fairly high spiritual level that can be close to the luminous essence of angels, which is why they are called « Land angels. »

Since childhood they are attracted to spirituality, a lot like the angels, they often have a passion and talent in the field of healing, teaching or assistance.
Some artistic talents and they all need to express themselves through their art.

Often they are altruistic people but this does not mean that they are more charitable or preferable.
They act according to their heart because they can not do otherwise and which often lead against the grain of society and often feel foreign to their own families, they suffer mostly because they feel misunderstood.

They have no choice, as they are guided by an energy that animates them and forcing them to answer it because it is part of the plan of life they had chosen to start in the astral for their own evolution.

Here is what characterizes an earthly angel

They hate violence

They have a soft heart shaped face

They apologize and say sorry often

They look like an angel

They tend to overeat and gain weight

They are professional caregivers, as a teacher, flight attendant, nurse or therapist

They have light or lightened hair by wicks

They trust people

Sometimes they hear a friend talk for hours and when they begin to confide in turn, the friend concludes the conversation

They have trouble saying no and feel guilty when we help them

They love angels and collect: Statuettes – Books – Jewelry – etc …

They angels additional guards

They radiate and are surrounded by a huge Aura

They have the look soft, pure and innocent

They often have a painful past

They are uncomfortable among the crowds as they feel the emotions and physical sensations

They fall in love and the potential of someone trying to guide that person to self-realization

Their lips are shaped like the bow of Cupid and their big doe eyes exude love and innocence

They have links to Codependency with addicts or alcoholics

They continued their relationship much longer than would most people

Some features are found in all earthly angels

Here is an overview:

– Feeling different, separate from the other; their being abroad.
Many are being teased or insulted because their appearance, behavior or interests were different from those of others.

– A huge sensitivity to others, chemicals and violence in all its forms. They are uncomfortable among the crowds. They feel bombarded by emotions and physical sensations that emanate from those around them. Many have learned to avoid the worst chemical contaminants in food, household cleaners and toiletries. Violence disgusts them, including disputes, negative news bulletins in the media and violent films. Their sensitivity is a sacred gift that lets them know intuitively or provide their benefits.

– The certainty of being charged with a mission importante.They do not know exactly what their mission, they know that it concerns the teaching and healing.

– A painful past emotionally. The earthly angels are often raised by parents to cut their emotions or who abuse them. Adults, they may attract friends and spouses who end up abusing them.

Source: D. Virtue


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