Are you a « Indigo Child »? 18 characteristics of Indigo


Who are the children / adult Indigos?

18 characteristics of children Indigo

1) The sense of being an alien, not belonging to this world

indigo child girl
It is for me the most characteristic point of the Indigo Child: feel foreign to this world, feeling of not being in his place and come from elsewhere, « being an alien » as he often say, without knowing that there is a lot of truth in his feelings (we shall see below).
It feels so different. He sees so many things, has so many things he does not understand how it is possible that others do not see it. He does not understand why he is here, among recklessness, cruelty, misery, lack of love, lack of respect for nature and animals that are so dear to him.

2) Need uncontrollable « change the world » and a sense of « mission »

Some people are born to change the world theIndigo has since very young the feeling of being « missionary », to be here on Earth for a reason, even if it can not always explain. Often it understands its mission as an adult.

This is often very painful because it often feels misunderstood. He feels he has something to realize something important, of so important, it’s the only thing that interests him. He can not live like everyone else, to be satisfied with a « normal » life or a job that would bring nothing to the world.

Others may find it pretentious or « weird » because it can not live like others, laughing about the same things, to enjoy the same things. He does not understand those who can live without asking questions and without wanting to change what’s not on Earth. He feels a force that pushes a kind of destiny that he has to fulfill its mission, which he can not look away. He can not imagine for one second to die without bringing added value to the Earth.

3) Hypersensitivity
The Indigo Child is hypersensitive, all senses are hyper-developed, which can do suffer greatly as he does not understand why this is so, and especially if it compares to other people and if he lives in a society that does not honor the sensitivity but ridicules. I wrote a full article and detailed « How to live in this world when one is hypersensitive » which you can read here.

4) extra sensory abilities highly developed (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, namely innate internal)
extra capacity sensoriellesComme all senses are hyper-developed (hypersensitivity), indigo child also has its meaning « spiritual » more developed than the average human. Thus, it is often able to clairvoyance (future visions, prophetic dreams, feeling to see through things and people, ability to see beings from other dimensions) of clairsentience (feel things innately), clairaudience (hearing voices), and innate internal knowledge (internal wisdom possessed from birth and can be exacerbated over the years).
Indigo Children may also be capable of telepathy, ie to read through the thoughts of others, and see them as if they were transparent.

5) Feeling vibrations of the other, as well as animals, plants, Nature

we are above all energetic beings. We have a physical body, but also an astral body, etheric, and many other multi-dimensional body. We are all multidimensional beings and vibration. We can measure the vibration of everyone, of every living being and every object. Indigo children, because of their extra sensory abilities very developed, feeling the vibrations of all that surrounds them, which can be very unsettling when we do not understand why this is so and what is happening.

The majority of humans until now (this is changing gradually) is not in a positive vibration, indigo child feels very often « emptied » and psychologically exhausted when he attended other humans or public places. By cons it feels terribly well in the presence of animals that hold a very high vibration, often the same level as him or even higher what feeds the (same for plants, stones and nature in general).

6) Research and permanent connection felt with something greater than himself, the divine, the universe

He feels he is part of a whole, it is guided by something greater than himself, that the reality is much different from what we rehashing him every day since birth, and even the is said in religions.

It often belong to any religion (even if it can agree with the principles of each others), but it does not support the idea of ​​separation between human beings based on their religion and has including that religion is an invention of man in order to divide and not unite.

He would like so that all people understand that they are all part of it all, we are all connected to the same source that has neither sex nor human appearance (although there may have messengers that source of any form and origin throughout history). He needs to connect to the energy of light to the universe. It is very attracted by the stars and the cosmos. He feels a connection to astrology, the planets and are often interested in extra terrestrial phenomena.

7) Need to be alone and to be connected to itself and to the « Source »
Indigo child  man often believe « unsociable » and will often invade a deep guilt for much needed privacy.

The others often find again « weird » because he has trouble with the mob or crowd movement, to follow the mold, to be « sheep » to do « like everyone else ». It’s hard to be in the company of other humans for too long (unless there are people he admires or likes it deep and high vibration).

He needs to regularly recharge, reconnect to itself, which is only another way of saying to reconnect to the « source » of its origin. When it is not connected to this source, it does not feel in alignment and it feels, as he feels negative emotions (tristresse, despair, anger, etc.).

He is looking at new harmony, and this harmony can not be reached for him in finding himself alone or in the presence of animals or beings or energy-vibration elements (music, water, places …). Moreover, it feels like « guided » by something external and invisible, he sometimes qualify « guardian angels » for example. He feels he is not alone, even if he feels very alone on Earth.

8) Need to live their inner truth

education as indigo child has had, or what others will around him, he still feels the need to live their inner truth. The Indigo Child is a being authentic. It does not support the pretenses, and completely see through the social phenomena and « modes » that he knows perfectly well analyzed.

He will live the person ideologies, except his own, its own values ​​and own truths, even if that means you have to go backwards others. Moreover, for these reasons, it is often just very « different » from others, both in his fashion choices, that choice of music to listen to, places to go, and in its general attitude toward life which will generally be « atypical » compared to the average. It will often rejected by those around him whose conscience is still too closed and too living in the illusion of the ego.

9) Do not bear injustice, wickedness, deceit and corruption – be honest
The Indigo has a zero tolerance regarding injustice, falsehood and corruption.

He was born with profound values ​​that can not corrupt, which earned him in his youth and even later to be treated children « flap joy » or « not funny », « too serious ».

He always takes the defense of the weak, it is instinctive, even if that means he has to put his own life or his own reputation at stake.

He is incapable of lying. It has a strong distaste for any form of deception whatsoever. He is incorruptible, inachetable, uncompromising.

While most humans around him at a young age, themselves, are easily seduced by deceit, falsehood, seeking domination over the weak, and the pleasure that it gives them, he it the put in a very strong state of rebellion and anger, and may even put in difficult situations (quarrels, fights) and forms of rebellions at school or work because he can not stand the lack of human values ​​and yet once wickedness and deceit.
The indigo children can sniff out dishonesty as a dog can smell fear. Indigos know when they are ment, they are treated with condescension or that manipulates. Since their collective purpose is to lead us to a new world of integrity, the Indigos lie detectors are flawless.

We have already mentioned that this warrior spirit is threatening to some adults. The indigo children are unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school. They are not able to conceal their reactions and pretend that all is well unless put under medication or sedative. « Doreen Virtue.

10) Need to feel free

The Indigo Child has a strong need for independence and to feel completely free to choose. It does not support the authority (even parental authority), hierarchy, orders, especially if they come from people he considers dumb. He wants to be guided but only if it comes from people he believes deeply.

Possessing a powerful laser instead of his eyes he is so capable of seeing through people; he does not submit to anyone who is not an example of harmony and love itself.
This has the consequence that the Indigo children are sometimes rebellious children, which can sometimes even be in school failure by refusing to submit to the teachers it considers « unfit » to teach; despite their great mental capacity to reverse and often their mental surefficience precisely.

11) Surefficience and mental hyperactivity

The Indigo child is often bored at school and bored very quickly in general because his brain works very fast, he created more quickly in his head that he has the physical ability to achieve what he would. At school, he gets bored. With the other, he often bored. It goes so fast that he can finish the sentences of others in his head in advance and predict their responses and behaviors.

Everything seems to him a slow … It is very impatient. Nothing goes as fast as it would like. He has a great sense, a strong mind, so that it will be very hard in school or it will fail because of the parameters mentioned above (rejection of the system and not friendly schools its level).

Indigo Children can also experience the feeling of shame, very young, to understand many things and be « smarter » than average quality that is not really valued in school nor seen as a quality that make us « popular » (as opposed to nonsense or to be a dunce). The indigo child therefore often suffer from both this surefficience but also with the fact once again being rejected others, misunderstood, and the feeling of being « abnormal ».

12) Need To love and be loved

To indigo children, life on Earth could be so simple and beautiful. He does not understand why humans do it: wars, conflicts, lies, manipulation, destruction. It includes so much that the most important thing is love.

He loves to love, but it feels so alone and so misunderstood, that it is often difficult to love humans. Conversely, it is closely related to animals which are themselves just representation of unconditional love that dream to see in the World.

For cons, the few times where we see him, when we recognize it, then it is ready to absolutely everything for these people. He often suffers greatly from lack of love, Indigo children often choose to incarnate in non awake families to just open their consciences.

Again, this lack of love felt is primarily a lack of understanding on the part of other humans, and that famous sense of being alone, so different, and not recognized at fair value. But the Indigo child is guided and highly protected (other subtle planes by unseen entities) who happily give him a lot of signs in his life that he is not alone.

He will feel loved but by a force and invisible entities (or even visible to him), and this love, this connection to the source is what will « hold » in this chaotic world and so different from him, in which it was powered. At certain key moments in the evolution of the Indigo child, it will be in contact with other children Indigo and human guides that will help him understand who he is and why he is here, which is often experienced as a great moment of liberation.
13) Need to harmonize and create beauty in him and around him
Indigo horse that needs to live in harmony. It does not support the conflict. He needs to see the beauty, and if he does not see it, to create it. It does not include people who resign themselves to living in the dark, or rather the absence of light and in the absence of beauty, they could also create.

He sees so much beauty on Earth, among animals, plants, nature, sea, mountains. He does not understand that so many people can not even have to wonder at all this perfection, or may want to vandalize.

It also seeks harmony in his own life, in his own body and to be consistent with itself. It is often artist, through its hypersensitivity. He likes to create, and full of imagination and creativity. He died inside if it does not set or if it is not a representative of harmony and beauty environment.

14) Feeling of being « abnormal » and rejection of himself

sad woman handsBien course, the greatest difficulty to overcome in an indigo child, is to overcome doubt, and the feeling of having a problem, because this is what society and his entourage will resend messages as much of his life. The Indigo Children are therefore often reject him and wish him the depths of not being who he is and just be someone’s « normal » to end what he feels, which made him think it is « crazy. »

He believes everything he is like a « punishment ». It usually has a very difficult childhood. Having lived this phase (and anyway all the points mentioned), I can tell you that this is the most difficult thing to live for an indigo child.

On the other hand, I can also tell you that the child is Indigo has a great inner strength, due to the obligation he has had since childhood struggle to be himself in a society which encourages nothing he is. Once the Indigo child understands who he is and why it is so, then her inner strength tenfold and there he enters his full power and in achieving its mission life.

15) Perseverance

The Indigo child has a perseverance and determination of internal uncommon. It is often associated with the « claim » or an oversized ego. It is true that the child has a very present ego, but it’s more like a means of survival for him. As we have seen, the Indigo child psychologically to fight against many humans from birth to stay that it has developed a large internal force (even if not always realized).

Thus, when he knows what he wants, nothing can stop it. He does not need anyone to « motivate » to do something, even in the face projects of great magnitude. He is not discouraged quickly and is not afraid of difficulty or effort, compared to the majority of humans. When he will achieve great things, then we will tell him often that « it is lucky », which will give him more often feel misunderstood.

But that’s part of the evolution of Indigo as learning to surpass the eyes of others and their lack of openness and awareness. He will learn that he needs to focus on its mission of life and his own happiness, to remain in a high vibration and thus be able to benefit all of the world (what he came to do).

16) Power « special »

Indigo children often experience a face repulsion to eating animals, they consider their peers and for which they feel a love and an innate link very strong.

The company and their families still try once again make them feel abnormal to think and act in this way; our society whereas all animals on earth to be used by man as he wishes, even to subject them to the worst atrocities which are today in our food industry.

Vegetarianism and veganism (will not kill and eat animals) is a magnitude more and more in recent years around the world, simply because more and more children become adults Indigo now affirm their values ​​and new children are born and grow up with consciences increasingly sophisticated. Here is an example :

17) Feel strong anxiety attacks deal with separations

The Indigo Child is a being of pure love can not bear the separation with the people he loves. The idea that being (human or animal) that he could disappear like put in a state of deep sadness. It does not support bye the bye, separation, mourning. Being more hypersensitive it much harder to endure separations than the average human.

18) Utopian Visions / grandiose / megalomaniacs
Man changes the world
The Indigo Children are « missionary » and deeply « visionary » is often accused of being utopian or even megalomaniac visions as often exceed what the average person thinks feasible (conditioning conversely to accept everything and to resign , which is the opposite of indigo child). The child or adult Indigo now rather wants eg to end animal suffering (something that seems « utopian » for most other humans who therefore continue to contribute to the massacre by encouraging the consumption of animal products), wants to end human poverty, he wants to invent ways to clean up the pollution of the sea, he wants to end illegal fishing of marine animals, he wants to eradicate certain diseases, make new technological inventions in order to advance humanity …

He has big plans, visions that may still seem a utopian time for most people but for him are totally achievable and he knows he will just realize, deep feeling that this is his mission here on Earth. The Indigo child will have to develop a great inner strength again to believe in his visions when no one else will believe (as will often be the case, especially at the beginning when he has everything to prove). It will also often considered « egocentric » which will make him suffer because their motivations and inner calling are just totally opposed to selfishness. It is « called » and « programmed » to achieve its mission and if he did not do, he can sink into depression, addictions, illness.

Where do the Indigo and what do they prepare?

The indigo beings generally have one of these three sources:
– Coming from a spiritual planet more or less distant from Earth in order to advance humanity (and yes, it’s time for the human he realizes he is not alone in the universe and that other civilizations exist, much more spiritually developed), see here the announcement of former Defense Minister of Canada explains the contacts with various extra terrestrial races.

– Coming from a higher dimension much more spiritual (we live here on Earth in this area in the 3rd dimension but there are hundreds of other higher dimensions that are perfectly demonstrated by quantum physics and in which there are other realities)
– Coming from a stay which lasted for a long time on the subtler planes, compared to the majority of beings of planet Earth who reincarnate quickly. The Indigo child lived less earthly incarnations and his soul is less « polluted » by the problems of the mind and the ego visible here on Earth. He has no memories of who he really is and more « pure. » That is like an « old soul » in a child’s body.

Here’s an additional crossing my writings found on the internet that I find very right:
« In the new world that the Indigos are preparing, we will be much more aware of our thoughts and our intuitive feelings. We will no longer be dependent much of the spoken or written word. Communication will be faster, more direct and honest because communication will be mind to mind.

Already, more and more people among us are becoming aware of their psychic abilities. Interest in the paranormal is at its peak; books, TV shows and movies on the subject abound. It is therefore not surprising that the generation that comes after the Indigos is incredibly telepathic.

The « indigo » children belong to a group of souls who bring new energy on the planet. They are pioneers whose role is to question the old ways, to learn, to be with family, to educate them, etc. Their goal is to open the way for new ways of being and doing. These children also are very sensitive, loving and talented will challenge any established belief or rule that we try to impose on them.

The second way these children help us to change, it is by being a mirror for others. They will resume their account all our faults so we can become aware and evolve. We’ll find the lack of confidence and the non-acceptance of oneself. They remind us of our own destructive patterns to give us a chance to overcome them. We can then say they know exactly how to « press on our sensitive buttons. » They do not do it out of malice, on the contrary it is their way, often unconsciously, to help us evolve and heal our own child injuries. « 


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