Are You a light worker?



Who are lightworkers?

Today it is understood that lightworkers are people who are changing human consciousness. They are ‘waking up’, experiencing a reconnection towards the infinite intelligence available to all via our inner knowing & extended awareness.


Along the way of their own progress Lightworkers are influencing and catalyzing their awareness and others around them, even without consciously looking to do this, it’s increasingly obvious of their positive vibrational love and output. The true quality of a lightworker is their conscious awareness; this is where their true power is.



What Is The Lightworkers Mission on Earth?

The lightworkers mission is that they have volunteered before birth to help the planet and everyone on it from the effects of fear. Each lightworker is here for a goal that is sacred. However, a three dimensional existence on the planet which mostly concentrates on conditioning and materialism produces a kind of amnesia in lightworkers.



They frequently overlook their abilities, as well as their divine purpose to assist our planet Earth and it’s inhabitants. Most often lightworkers feel lost and afraid when they forget their true identity. Many lightworkers are finding natural spiritual gifts, for example healing and psychic abilities

Many of the lightworkers on earth have a special appreciation for animals and love for nature. These would be the gifts that lightworkers offered to use to heal the population and the planet.


How do I know if I am a Lightworker?

You are a lightworker if you have the following:

  1. You are being called to heal others.
  2. Want to solve the planet’s social and environmental issues.
  3. You firmly believe that spiritual methods can heal many situations.
  4. Have had mystical experiences, like light being encounters or psychic premonitions.
  5. Have endured many harsh life experiences that drastically changed the knowledge of your divine perfection.
  6. Want to fix your own personal life as a first step in healing the planet.
  7. Feel a calling to teach, write or counsel about your healing experiences.
  8. Sense a feeling of time urgency to fulfill your mission before you know that you are here for ahigher purposeor even if you are uncertain what it is or how to carry through it.

Lightworkers know why they came to this world, everywhere around earth right now, lightworkers are awakening. They hear an inner calling that cannot be dismissed. Have you sensed your lightworkers mission calling?


If you resonate with the path of lightworkers, here are 10 lightworkers gifts and signs.

1. You felt that you were called to help guide and heal others.

2. You are either empathic or sensitive to energy.

3. You have psychic gifts and abilities.

4. You feel strongly about the environment and animal.

5. You are attracted to healing arts and you have explored some healing modalities.

6. You know your own fears and fears of everyone else around you.

7. You went through a tough spiritual awakening.

8. You love being around people, at the same time you need alone time to recharge.

9. You know your thoughts well and your ability to manifest.

10. You often see the number 911, this is the calling card of lightworkers.



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