How to use The universal Law of Attraction

The universal Law of Attraction states: « We draw what we choose to focus our attention – that we wanted or whatever undesirable »

So we attract what we focus our attention whether we want it or not!

Most of the time, we let go, we attract by ‘default’ rather than by conscious and deliberate choice.

Our day goes by focusing on the problems to be solved or on things that are not going well or that do not seem fair. In doing so, we actually create more problems, more of what is not us feel good and what does not seem right.

See yourself as a huge magnet. The kind of magnet that attracts the metal from a great distance. It does not « try » not to draw, it attracts all. It is the same for us. We are trying to attract or not, we always do. (Except when we are asleep). And we attract what we think.

If we think a lack of something, we attract more of this lack (scarcity). If we think of something we love, we attract more of what we love and appreciate. I know this sounds incredibly simple, but it’s like that.

We humans are actually very powerful attractors and we can use this wonderful divine power to attract what we want in life, just being careful where we place our thoughts and desires.



An old proverb comes to mind: « As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. « Proverbs 23: 7. It is interesting that the writer of this proverb says « thinks in his heart » because most of the time, we believe that we think with our minds. However, this is really the heart where we create our thoughts, our beliefs, our « vibration ».

Our heart as a center of attraction:

It is from the heart that we attract. Imagine your heart as a powerful magnet. The heart is the magnetic generator, the ‘vibrator’ of all signals that attract.

Think of a radio. It has many different stations. To listen to a station, you set a specific frequency. As soon as we turn our attention to something (composed of frequencies), it begins its journey to us.

To get rid of something you do not want in your life, simply tune in to a different vibration (frequency or radio station) – on something you really want.

I think the art of Deliberate Attraction is divided into three steps:

  • – Be very clear about what I really want (define precisely)
    – Raising my vibration until it matches what I want (Tuning)
    – Allowing what I want to come to me (Faith and Authorization)

    We have the opportunity to gain clarity in knowing precisely what we want, through the many « contrasts » that life offers us. The key to successfully use this contrast is to observe it briefly and use it to help you decide what you really want. This requires a little practice, since our habit is to focus on what we did not like to talk and to tell others …

How to activate your ‘Capacities’ to attract anything you want in life …
It’s usually the third step, which is  the most difficult. we hung long in some limiting beliefs – so long as we recognize them anymore, however they are still vibrant beneath the surface, canceling and sabotaging our desires and what we want.

Our job is to give up all resistance and believe that what we want will come to me – just because we want it and that the law of attraction naturally done its work.

Re-read the text several times over 2 or 3 days to better integrate especially well put into practice these tips during your day. Your life will start to become « magic » …


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