Based on the discoveries of quantum physics, a new way to heal is increasingly talked about. His premise: our cells emit information that determine our health and on which it is possible to act.


« It was ten years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease, says Lucia, an artist 50 years. Since followed in the hospital, I was eleven arrived to take medications daily … there six months, a friend came to see me upset after trying a new technique of care which, he said, had nothing to do with conventional medicine or with natural medicines. A « machine » gave results whose accuracy had baffled. I am Cartesian and I’m not afraid of new experiences. I consulted a therapist who uses this biofeedback device. Within minutes, the screen showed clearly all my medical course! Then this machine has done a very strange treatment of sending « information » in the body. After a few sessions, most of my symptoms disappeared and today, with the consent of my doctor, I am not a drug daily.  »

A comprehensive diagnosis
A device capable of performing an accurate diagnosis and treatment as soon autoimmune disease? If a case does not apply to all, the results are amazing. And this is only one aspect of this approach to physical and mental health, which spread to the point that some doctors and researchers do not hesitate to say that a paradigm shift is taking place. The first congress on quantum therapies Aix-en-Provence, in November 2010, brought together scientists from around the world, including the team of Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008. Since then, the books on the subject the posting complete congresses, biofeedback methods or quantum devices are multiplying …

The « quantum therapies, » or « quantum medicine », asking us to see the life, health and disease of a different way: our body is no longer an assembly of organs to be treated separately, as does conventional medicine, it is a vibration and energy field made up of billions of particles of light – photons – that constantly exchange information, bright world in which mind and matter are one.

With a key idea: it is not the biochemical exchange our cells that determine our state of health, but the information they communicate.

Here, the origin of the disease is not a purely biological issue, but a lack of information; the symptom is merely a reaction to the latter.

For those who do not know the scientific world, the idea may seem delusional. Yet, it is based on decades of research, begun a century ago Albert Einstein and his work on the nature of light.

Over the decades, quantum physics – that describes the behavior of atoms and subatomic particles – was developed on the margins of classical physics, because it does not meet the same rules.

The most important to understand the basis of quantum medicine: the electromagnetic waves are simultaneously photons.

These photons of the human body are far from the views of the mind: in 1970, Fritz-Albert Popp, a German biophysicist, discovered the existence of what he called the « biophotons » of light particles emitted by our cells, he managed to film.

These tiny light, invisible to the naked eye currents, carry information and control our body. But no matter how.

The self-healing capacity stimulated
One of the most important discoveries of quantum physics, taken up and developed in quantum therapy is, in fact, « energy fields » theory: it is they who organize and control our bodies. They form a whole.

In short, the human body is an organized information structure.

What the Chinese have long understood with acupuncture, which treats the body’s energy flow; or the Indians, with their ayurvedic medicine that treats the « light body » and its chakras …

Quantum biofeedback devices are designed to detect electromagnetic waves, the « frequencies » emitted by each cell of our body.

When some are confused or « false », the unit returns frequency « just » to correct the problem.

Imagine you suddenly depressed. You call your best friend. His reassuring words back your spirits and you find enough energy to resume the normal course of your life.

The aid received is not « natural » but just comforting words. But this flood of information was sent to you by the frequencies the phone. So, figuratively speaking, how the quantum medicine devices: they send extremely fine waves that « speak » to our cells and transmit their information, themselves carried by photons.

To use the metaphor, we could say that the frequencies are the comforting words of your friend; and photons, the words, with their meaning.

If light therapy makes use of electronic devices becoming increasingly sophisticated, as Scio, the Korotkov, Mora or Life, this approach to medicine is so far not mechanistic: the machines do not work alone.

« By » dialogue « with our information field, these devices stimulate our self-healing capabilities, says the journalist and lecturer Lynn McTaggart, author of Quantum Link (Macro 2012).

But nothing can be done without the presence of a doctor or therapist. « An interaction all the more important that this new vision of health, so of life, implies not only a relationship between body and mind, but the fundamental union of spirit and matter.

Erik Pigani
Journalist, psychologist and psychotherapist


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