The abandonment or fear of death and separation anxiety.
Abandonment is the original wound the child lying in the womb, in harmony with it, nourishes, living through it, is separated from his paradise, unity at the time of birth. Separated for a living. This separation sign the extreme fragility of the child if it is abandoned, he dies …
If the child (then) was abandoned by his parents or (finally, weeks, months or years, had a hospital that has caused a « break » with his parents or has suffered the death of one or parents, or a parent has abandoned his role while in the family, etc.) and therefore this abandonment suffering that results will multiply. The child will assimilate this surrender a substantial danger of death …
Throughout his life, this sense of abandonment will put in a terrible anguish with sometimes disproportionate reactions. Being then seeks to « pass through » fusion with the other, he will be « passion. » He / She needs absolute. His friendly, romantic relationships are « intimate », « close » even stifle self and other … Relationships can then end explosively … But each time, behind the cry of abandonment, it will be the little child will speak.
The abandonment comes to echo the death, which leads to an irrevocable separation of belief and leaves Being in an empty feeling ravenous.


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