Here are 5 emotional wounds from childhood that persist into adulthood



We were all children before grow and become adults. The family environment in which we evolved and childhood we had inevitably shape our adult lives.

The problems encountered during the period of our existence have a major influence on the way we face the vicissitudes of life. They predict somehow the quality of our adult lives.

The personality of an adult is often determined by emotional wounds 5 or painful experiences in childhood:

1. The fear of abandonment
A child who was abandoned as a child will develop in adulthood great fear of loneliness. For fear of being abandoned, it will go and drop a partner or project along the way. This is his defense; he left before being left.
Fear of rejection for such people is permanent and defines their behavior towards people and the vagaries of life. These people will have to work this fear of loneliness and rejection. As the idea of being alone cause a panic, they will not be cured of their injury.


2. Fear of rejection

Rejection is a deep wound when it was lived in early childhood. This injury affects the behavior of the person who has suffered so much that she considers herself someone unworthy of affection. Believing this and fear of being rejected, it ends up isolated in his inner emptiness.
Adults who have suffered rejection as children are elusive and should absolutely take risks and decisions by themselves.
The day they will not be bothered by the remoteness of some people in their lives, they have managed to face that fear.
3. Humiliation
When parents treat their child stupid or silly, they do not realize that at this time they are destroying his self-esteem. When a child is treated well, he is convinced that disapproves and that the criticism. In adulthood, he will end up with a dependent personality. It may even be that it develops a defense mechanism humiliating turn the other and becoming tyrannical and selfish.
To get rid of the fear of humiliation, it is recommended to work on understanding the needs and fears and to work for the independence and freedom.


4. Injustice

A child who has grown up with cold, authoritarian parents who require a lot of him often crossing the line, finds himself overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness and worthlessness. This feeling which arises in childhood persist into adulthood.
People who have suffered from this type of behavior is easily detectable by their mental strength and their hunger for power. They are unable to make decisions with confidence and are obsessed with order and perfectionism.
It is necessary for these adults to work on their rigidity and mistrust to be able to trust others and gain flexibility.


5. Treason or afraid to trust

Parents often tend to promise certain things to their children. When those promises are not fulfilled, the child feels betrayed and unworthy of what was promised. These negative feelings develop a manipulative personality, strong character, who wants it all and well control.

People who have suffered such problems during childhood lack of tolerance, patience and good manners. They must work on these three axes and also learn to delegate their responsibilities.

Knowing these five wounds of the soul capable of affecting our personality, our health and our lives can help correct a character trait, or rather push parents to correct the way they do with their children.


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